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Prop sourcing for Art Direction Propject – Cloud Atlas (2012)


In order to do my prop list I had to rewatch the scenes involving my set more then a couple of times. Once again, I was thinking why I had to pick up such a complicated and dark set as a lot of props are out of focus and very dark on the background. However, I am lucky as bits of the film were actually filmed in Britain so I knew that there is a possibility for me to find the exact props.

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I started with Farleys by actually going there and I think that was a very good decision of mine – I found some things that actually are on screen! And, even better – I found some of the very small dressing props that I could hardly undentify as something specific, but seing things in reality does help a lot.

IMG_20160606_115048 IMG_20160606_121251 IMG_20160606_122022 IMG_20160606_122048 IMG_20160606_123102 IMG_20160606_125107 IMG_20160606_132231 IMG_20160606_132335

I was especially happy about music instrument  on the wall – I couldn’t even find a name for this type as I they are so dark, they are impossible to recognise and they are all at Farleys! All 3!

Next I checked out A+M prop house – but I saw nothing there that I can use for my set.

And then it was Old times prop house – I saw some things straingt away as I did spend a previous night doing the prop list with pictures and there are some vases from there and a drinks trolley that I was worried about…

IMG_20160613_151754 IMG_20160613_152055 IMG_20160613_152154 IMG_20160613_152231 IMG_20160613_152523 IMG_20160613_152753 IMG_20160613_152407

The other way to look for props was actually the simplest one – looking at prop houses stock online… I found a prop house called Newman Hire and I was happy once again – ostrich eggs on stands (I have 3 in my set at lesast, I was already concidering hiring the simple egg and adding the details) – all there! Plus other bits for the set dressing as beautiful unique triangular clock!
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