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“Come visit”. Helping out on a short film for Goldsmiths MA graduation project.


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Come Visit was on e of the films I initially wanted to work on, however due to the scheduling and other projects clushing with it I couldn’t, however, in the end I actually got the chance to work on this period story as an art department assistand, and, by the end of the filming, standby props as well.

To start with, I sould mention that the place we were filming on was pretty wierd and awesome for the film set as it was all kind of kepr in 70’s style, including colour scheme, furnishing, etc. And still it required quite a bit of dressing. I guess my favourite set was the one we were filming last – the prn set in the ‘wooden’ living room for which we had to move furniture around. As initially the room was almost empty we could play quite a bit with it. And with the lighting (Anna, the DOP, I worked with for YANA, was also a cinematographer on this one and I believe that she is so far the best lighting person I worked with…) and costumes (and wigs – so 70’s) everything just came to life!

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