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Vyvyan Ayrs’ house Coud Atlas SketchUp 4 – Suggestions from Fleur


There’s been a couple of changes in my SktechUp since my last post. And by “couple” I mean a lot. To start with I’ve changed the number of sections in the cupboard in the room. That was the initial reason why I was remaking my 2nd SketchUp. Plus I was still not happy with the proportions and angles. Some just did not match…

Today we had a visiting lecturer – Fleur and at first she gave an interesting talk about art direction and what she does and then there was finally a question time when I asked for the ‘spiritual guidence for my model. To start with, she was very fasinated with my chosen space and it’s complexity. And then she said that I’ve already been thinking for a while myself: that it is very unlikely (I would say 99% no) that anyone whould ever build set that elaborate. Therefore, she suggested to simplify it by figuring out the straightest bits and combining them together.

So that is what I was working on the whole evening in comparisson to what it was yesterday. The layout definitelly looks more realistic now.

Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 3 floorplan floorplan no windows

I had to change quite a lot. I was struggling a lot with the curved cupboard because it just felt too small in proportion. Because of that I extended the window wall. I’ve also changed the mesurements of the other windows – the round ones. I realised that they look to small and when I made them bigger, I also noticed that I can create a nice parallel between the curved windows and the fireplace because the length in now the same.

I also go into interesting conversation with Rufus today while I was waiting in the queue for tech. drawing support. We were discussing the sets and Rufus mentioned different types of colums and the importance of the proportions. It turned out that the hight of the stand and the columns themselves I figured out just right and yet, the diameter had to be changed. I did think at some point that I was making them a bit too narrow… So, my column type is probably Doric – simplest one. I though it was an interesting topic to do the proper research on next time…

Going back to my 4th SketchUp – here is what it looks like now:

perspective wall 1


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