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Gudget – Goldsmiths collaboration


I’ve been working on one other Goldsmiths film as a production designer. However, to be honest, there is not that much to do there. I would have to do a couple of graphic designs pieces for the film, I wonder how it will go. Also a couple of props need to be found an that is pretty much it…

Gudget locked script breakdown!-page-001

There have been some significant changes in the storyline itsleft. It totally more doable now because of less locations and still, in the locked script there is less for me to do.

So for now what I’ve done is a script breackdown and I also visited one of the locations for the film – the director’s halls common room where the main character, Neem’s flat will be. I love the view from the window, however, I don’t think that much of dressing will actually be needed in this place. I guess the 3d CGI bits would totally transform the movie creating much more of the effect we are going for.


IMG_20160420_183539 IMG_20160420_183618 IMG_20160420_183851 IMG_20160420_184614

It would totally be an interesting experience filming something that requires that much of CGI and postproduction.


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