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LAMDA Work placement


Initially, when I was signing up for LAMDA work placement I wanted to just help out. There were not enouth people on the team and I was just there thinking that every experience counts and I signed for it. After the first versions of the scripts were sent I really wanted to work on “Ghostlight” movie and one of the reasons was actually because it was supposed to be filmed in Northfolk – and I just really wanted to get away from London and the script was actually very funny. However, as LAMDA was not my major work placement and BFI clashed with the Ghostlight so I couldn’t doit anymore. However, Alekko, who was supposed to be an art director on “5-A-Side” and she was too busy to work on it really sho she asked me to replace her. And I did.

I sould be honest – I did not enjoy the pre-production stage of it. The script wasn’t ready untill the filming – I didn’t even get the final draft. The meetings with the director kept being cancelled last minute and the locations were not sorted… That was really tough and messed up.

However, I did have a great time while we were filming it – made some really good contacts with people, definitelly got some new experience and I love the acting!

IMG_20160319_094053 IMG_20160319_094148 IMG_20160319_110045

Mustafa managed to find the main location – the pub and I really have no idea how! Michael, the pub owner, was so nice and he just closed the pub for us for whole sunday for free and this was amazing! We had to do some set dressing and set undressing. First saturday we were filming was the rugby championship (or something like that) day so we had to get rid of all the rugby stuff. And the biggest set dressing we had was setting up christmas decorations. It was not as much work as I thought it would be but I think it looked realistic on camera. We also had to do a lot of black outs for the film – most of the scenes were supposed to be hapening night time so we had to cover all the windows with black fabric.

IMG_20160320_170633 IMG_20160320_170643

I had to miss one shooting day though – monday as it the day we started BFI project and I had to be there but I came to check on props in the morning and came to see the filming of the football match scene and this was the funniest filming bit ever.

IMG_20160321_094116 IMG_20160321_094119 IMG_20160321_181126 IMG_20160321_194912

So that was the lat day for 5-A-Side and I went to work for BFI. But we did get a day off on thursday so I could help out with Rufus’ and Nia’s period film. They needed some help with set dressing and also some extras. For some reason I was one of the extras who was in shot all the time. And as it turned out dancing to jazz music without jazz music is super weird.

IMG_20160324_124044 IMG_20160324_134906 IMG_20160324_153212

Another thing that I learned while working on LAMDA films was how to make fake alcohol drinks. Cola and water looks very much like wiskey, however for 5-A-Side we used apple juice which was ok, but I’d rather use tea for it. Unfortunately, one of the actors didn’t drink coffeine and we had to quickly improvise…

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