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YANA Goldsmiths collaboration Looking for materials, first tests.


This week was mostly dedicated to looking for buts and pieces that we could use for construction of the set. The thing is that we need to be really carefull with the budget because we only have 125 punds for the whole art department. Fortunately, one of the films for LCC collaboration project intculed some setw with motherboards so I asked Kate way before this week if I could possibly re-use some bits.


Plus Namok and I visited wimbledon startion car-boot sale on wednesday and bought some more broken tech. items and took them apart.


Plus, we went to scrapshop on tuesday and thursday and we were really lucky to find bits of polestyrine forms that we are planning to turn into a panels on the wall.

IMG_20160210_135148 IMG_20160210_140501

Oh and one of the most amazing this that we could find in scrapshop was this bunch of actylic (transparent plastic) rods and we have an idea about how we could use them. If we shine light (LED) on one end of the rod the light travels all the way through to the other and in a dark room it creates a very interesting effect.


And we also tried to do some painting tests and lay out tests with polestyrine forms and motherboards.

IMG_20160210_161632 IMG_20160210_163947

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