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YANA Goldsmiths collaboration. Designing Beta’s Pod – 2.


On Monday 8th Namok and I went to meet our art director for the Goldsmiths project. She has been working with the director in our group already and she has a profecional experience doing the job therefore I was really looking farward to meeting her. We discussed quite a lot of things and she has an interesting idea about the general design for the placr and what is most important at this point – the lay out.

The problem that Louise and I kept having over the layout that the director wants is that it doesn’t work! Looking at everithing from the art department point of view, I mean. Marta (Art director) had the same issue as well. However she has introdued interesting idea about the “cross” theme within Beta’s Pod and Namok and I really liked the idea. So I promised that I’ll do a ScetchUp model of the space based on her sketch and I finally got my hands on it yesterday.

New New 1 new 5

So that would be pretty much the space. Originally, the room would be less round but I was trying to base the panels on the standart size flats. The white crosses would be all covered with polestyrine and motherboards bits.

IMG_20160210_163947 new 2

Last night I send all the designs to Aoife (the direcor) and she didn’t like the layout. Her argument is that it’s not based on the storyboard but I honestly believe that this works better. Marta’s (Art Director’s) idea of the layout is based on parallels and symmetry between the objects and so was my previous designs. Another aspect that I have to keep in mund is the size of the room – each panel is only 1.26 m wide so the room widest distance is 3 m – and Aoife keeps insisning on the uploading pod to be in the corner (Good thing is that this time I didn’t really have corners as wach panel is the same). Well, I guess I just have to do some more changes to the disign which is a pity because untill we agreed on the layout we can’t start building anything…

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