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SketchUp model – transformation of Portobello road + Storyboard


For the last week I was trying to fnish off the ScetchUp of Portiobello road I started doing earlier. I’ve made some more location survey a month ago and because of the LCC prioject and later Goldsmiths project I had no time to add the rest of the street to what I alredy have. Initial reason for the SketchUp model was so that I could use it to visualize my storyboard better. Halfway through I realised that I won’t be able to finish the model – so there is currently only half of the measurements and buildings that I alredy have, so I’m missing out some perspective but the place where the action takes place is of course still there.

portobello road the rest inch10 portobello road the rest inch7 portobello road the rest inch

Technically this is how the road actually look like. I did not have any measurement for the depths (shops windows, doors, etc) as I never actually change that – only dress the street. So, I started building typical New Orleans’ balconies and adding windows with shatters on top of the actual Portobello road.

New Orleans Street scene 1st try 1 New Orleans Street scene 1st try 6 New Orleans Street scene 1st try 7

When I first desided that this would be the road I’m filming the scene on, I particular liked the ‘Alice” building with the curved edge on the other side of the roas, however, while I was doing the location survey and taking pictures I grew really fond of the left side of the road and the perspective that it creates.


I also tried to improve the imagery by rendering the image. However, maybe because of my model being not fully finished and having almost no depth the rendering didn’t create the effect I wanted to see. I used LightUp and I din’t get how to create the light in there, well, I guess next time I’ll try something else.

render 3 Rendered final 4 Rendered final 2 Rendered final 3 Rendered final 6

So I finally started working on the storyboard and so far I’m half way through the scene, though, I have no idea how to do the fighting action scene. The main thing that I did was dressing the street with people and sometimes vehicles.


1. extreme close up 2. extreme close up 3. zoom out (1) 4 zoom out + pan 5 follow - up 6 zoom out - track 7 zoom out 8 zoom out - narative

The first part is tecnically an introduction to the space and the atmosphere of the Mardi Gras celebration. There obviously should be some more details as decorations and fairy light on the street so the place looks more festive.

Next bit is intro to Capulet and Montague people – the thing starts with Capulet and the close ups like shoes, the clicking hand and a lauthing man are all about Capulet boys. I was trying to create an analogy between the music playing and the action foot/foot, hand/hand, head movement/lauthing switching between the band playing and the Capulet servants/friends of the family.

8 9. shoes close-up 10. extreme close-up 11. extreme close-up hand 12 13 close up laughting

I couldn’t really do a proper zoom out – but ther should be a zoom out of the lauthing face to mid shot and further so the audience can actually see who are the main characters here. I coloured the Capulet buys red because of the extras just so it is clear who the camera follows around. Plus I should say that there were no narrative yet so technically the audience have no idea yet of what’s happening.

14 zoom out capulet boys (coloured) 15 track + zoom out (coloured) 16 track zoom out (coloured) 17 capulet looking at montegue (coloured) 18 montegue walking track (coloured) 19 Montegue OTS Capulet (coloured)

So Montague people appear in blue (it doean’t mean that they are wearing blue in reality, I was actually thinging of givving them more of a green/brown tint clotheswise – for man).

20 Montegue OTS Capulet stepping farward (coloured) 21 interraction, insault (coloured) 22 interraction, insault (coloured).1 23 OTS Capulet -Montague 24 OTS Montague - Capulet 25 - close up, montague hits one of the capulet 26 fight starts

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