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YANA Goldsmiths collaboration. Working on the designs 30.01 – 01.02


Today I spent the whole day working on the designs for the house of BETA 624 (robotic humanoid who becomes a part of a giant harddrive) with Louise and we are stuck… I missed the meeting with our filming crew and the director last friday due to the Costume show and today Louise filled me up on some ideas that the director had about how the things should be placed in the room. The biggest problem with it is that I think it just doesn’t work the way we want it to be and we were just trying to figure out how to make it work!

This weekend we actually went to do some research on the matter and we visited a Science Museum and there is a very interesting and, what’s most important, a relevant exhibition on a Soviet Cousmanauts and the beginning of spece travel. First sattelight, fisrt man in space, first space station. On our very first meeting with the director she mentioned that she wanted this kind of 20-th century science fiction look and this is tectically were all of the filmmakers of that time got their inspiration from.

DSCN5320 DSCN5332 DSCN5338 DSCN5341 DSCN5347 DSCN5359 DSCN5367 DSCN5369 DSCN5372 DSCN5378 DSCN5384 DSCN5397 DSCN5398 DSCN5410 DSCN5412 DSCN5416 DSCN5420 DSCN5441 DSCN5456 DSCN5464 DSCN5474 DSCN5476 DSCN5482 DSCN5487 DSCN5499 DSCN5502

What I was mostly looking at in the sceince museum was the textures rather then the construction. We found quite a few interesting examples that we could use for the design.

I was also trying to find some more relevant references in films and art.


I think this was the most interesting reference that I found yesterday – it is a colmuter watr colling system. I’m nor teally syre why it is glowing but it looks amazing. The thing is that in teh script we have this flurescent liquid that the character pours in her hand and there is actually no reason for that. And I think that could be it – the colling liquid. If she is a part of the harddrive she has to proceed lots of information and that would help her function. The problem with this one is that te director already had an idea for the counter with this machine and it would have to be really different from that.  However I would really like to try to to something like that.

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So, this was something that I was working on yeaterday

Beta's pod design 2.1 Beta's pod design 2.2

And here how the design looks after today’s collaboration with Louise

Beta's pod Design 2.4

What I don’t like about it is the corner bit with the tube – it is suppose to be mail delivery machine. The problem is that both of us are sort of stuck on the matter. I just don’t like it and so far I have no ideas about how I can change that.

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