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Goldsmiths collaboration. You Are Not Alone (YANA)


This week I’ve started on working on some designs for the collaboration on the short film that we are doing with Goldsmiths MA student next month. I was really interested in the story I’m now working on. We had the Goldsmiths studens over at Wimbledon more then a week ago and so far we didn’t have a chance to meet them after that to talk about the concepts. I am as usuall being very ambitious and the first thing that came to my ming when I started thinking on the futuristic outa space station for human-like robots was the dome. I shared this idea with people and we just decided that it is too compicated to make in a day. And there would be some issues for the lighing as well… So we just decided to go in the other direction. However I can’t really get this of my mind and what I’ve been doing so far was trying to find the ways to cheat the perspective and the shape of the room.

So  the presentation and the pitch of that particular script and idea were really good. I was looking at the script and the reference images the day before the Goldsmiths people came over and I was really hooked by that one. Reference pictures are so important. Visual representation is always better then just talking and that presentation had sime amazingly strong images. So, here some other ones that I found after, then I started to look for inspiration.

01 1aef09ce498a325dbbf003377e81d257 60a228f85d8471ee2d1a4a9c431ee881 stock-photo-futuristic-interior-of-a-space-station-with-a-view-of-earth-257657491 60c4c315d26c88801d8d3858b969a182

The thing is that even for the pictures that those guys put in their presentation there is always a ceileing. And, I think if you look at the Sci-Fi movies and the space stations and things like that there is always the ceiling, the shape of the room is more circular rather then rectangular so I guess that was why I was initially thinking that it could be nice to make a dome! The other thing actually is that the dericor wants a glass bubble on top of the room and the character climbing up there so it becomes like a private space. Well, I can totally imagine the shot for that and it would look beautiful but there is a bit of the challange here. Glass, buble, space… I think projection of the still image on the person and add the glass in post.

So, the references for this short production actually are: The Matrix, Wall-E, 2001 space odyssey. And, in general, the direcor wanted the whole thing to have a look of Sci-Fi made in 20’s, something like in a Blade Runner.So…

For this project we have 4 people in the art department. We didn’t really divided the roles and so far I think Louise and I were ‘the brains of the operation”. The other people in our team are Namok and Emily Louise. Emily wanted to help out with props (I think we should try to find as much free scrap material as possible so there is actually quite a lot of work on the matter) and Namok wanted to do some character design the part that I’m actually very happy to hand on to someone. So far I’m the only person who is free to work on this project pretty much full time starting now because I’m already finished with LCC collaboration. So we met up with Louise on monday (25.01) and discussed some ideas, referenced and she did this quick sketch on the matter.


And this is what I’ve been working from while doing quite quick SketchUp model

Beta's place with beta 1 Beta's place out Beta's place holes

Today I’ve started to add some textures and working on colours. I don’t have any rendering programmes on my computer which is a shame because I truly belive that this type of set can only come alive with lighting. I actually tried to do that quick concept for the light on photoshop but still it’s not the best that I can do.

Beta's place adding textures 1 Beta's place blue Beta's place light 1st try

Anyway, none of the designs were yet discussed with the director and the producers so nothing’s carved in stone. I have no idea how they would react seeing those designs but I’m leaving it like that for now. We are meeting at Goldsmiths university on thursday morning though so the designs should be finalised by the and of this week I think.

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