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Greedy Pig. 18.01 – 20.01 Building the reception set at LCC.


So we spent last 3 days building the reception room at LCC Black box studio which included (or should I say must have included) painting the flats and putting them all up. However, instead of having standart size clean flat we were given really horrible ones (completel different sized flats with weirdly cut holes right in the middle) which were covered in plastic brick sheets that were stapled down with million (and I am not even kidding, million) staples. Most of the flats were incredibly heavy and wet (as they were kept outside) so it wasn’t easy to recover those.

What we had to do with the flats was:

  • rip off the brick sheet/rip off the wall paper
  • take out all the staples (if possible) one by one/wet the paper left overs, rip those off
  • sand down standing out bits
  • recover the wholes in the flats
  • smooth down the seems with pollifiller
  • sand the recovered seems down
  • paint the gradient (black – red)
  • put the walls up
  • repaint the gradient

IMG_20160119_151537 IMG_20160119_155517 IMG_20160118_185250 IMG_20160119_162321 IMG_20160120_152830

However those 3 days were not only about the flats. I finised the lapshades for the reception room that I was working on since last week on sunday. The edges, however, are not perfect and I think I might touch them up a little bit with some paint on the side while they are on the wall so I know f we even be able to see the flaws.


The other thing Alekko and I were working on since the weekend were the laps that are to stand on the reception desk at the back with quite unusual and unstable triangular structure. The thing is that Rufus initially planned to use red fabric for the lampshades but he bought the cheepest type (and I don’t really think that he thought that much about how that particular type of fabrich, not strechy one would work for the purpose) and we spent a lot of time on weekend trying to work it out with what we got. However, the shade just looked like a giant sock and was really unstable and it didn’t strech so we decided to get our own material as thin paper (sort of that is used for chineese lanterns) and do something with it. So, this is what we got in the end and, we only made 2 sides as we figured that you wouldn’t even see the third side and it would actually block the easy access to the bulb, the switch, the wire and it would be hard to carry and it worked perfectly in the end!

So this how the lamp shades look like when we tried to use the fabric.

12516357_1247208118639373_237775330_n 12571161_1247208208639364_820022376_n

This is what they look like finished.

IMG_20160119_234849 IMG_20160120_185759

The other thing that we had to practise during last 3 days was problem solving. Because of the horible flats we are a bit behind the schedule for the other props for the other scenes like the torture chair for the homeless guy when he is force fed while being stiped down (chained as we actually thought it would look much more cool like that), or mechanical blowtourch device for swastica being burned on the main protagonist’s chest… So… We actually got a medieval -looking chair on monday and we bought 3 metres of chain on tuesday for the torture chair. We still need to figure how to attach that to the chair itself and we still need some small bits for the feet to be tight down as well and I think we are finishing that bit tomorrow.


For the blow tourch machine we are still in progress (meaning we still have no clue of how to make it, we’ll be figuring it out tomorrow morning) but we created a trolley with the torture devices that would add some history of violence and horror to the show. Some of the bits on that trolley will be the tool we are actually using and some of them will be especially made torture devices that are actually fun to work at…


And the other thing that I was working on during monday and tuesday was varnishing the marble desk. I know it’s not good for cinematography to have shiny reflective objects on camera but it is marble and this is how it looks like! I strongly believe that it should look quite realistic when it’s properly lit…




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