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UNIT 5. Collaborative work. Conclusion.


I think the most interesting thing that I learned while doing this project is the difference between how people precieve things. I know it must sound really simple and obvious but… Throughout the whole project I just kept being put into groups with so many different people from completely different pathways and this was a very interesting experience. Enjoyable? Not always. But very interesting.

So, the biggest diversity that we can get in Wimbledon is Fine Arts pathways and Theatre and Screen one. It must have been a great challenge for Fine Arts people – the whole project when you actually work in groups. As a Set Design for Screen student the idea of collaborative work is not new to me, but it was quite difficult to communicate with fine arts people as they work with ideas rather then stories and think of things in more abstract way then us. Especially in film I guess practicality is the this as every single object on set, every single camera movement, every single character feature convey the story. It is always about the story, about people (human-like creatures, whatever), about somone specific (I am talking about feature films, not even about independant cinema). In fine arts it is definitelly about something else. It is just more abstract, more transparant, more shapeless in terms of final product.

I don’t really know how to describe that exact difference but it is very noticable in person. Well, I am afraid that I did not communicate as much with art people within this project as I only had met 3 of them within all this time. I think I just didn’t have a connection with those exact people but I would definitelly be interested in future collaborations (and I think we do have one with PTBM people later this year). May be the thing this time was that the topics we were working with were not as interesing to thoseparticular people as they were to me. So, there is one good thing about it though – I had a chance to make the final installation for the final show very personal which is a very unusuall thing within my pathway for example. And, speaking of the installation, baring in mind those differences in how Theatre and Screen people and Fine Arts people think, made me change the installation – the final look of it, the design itself so I think it was rather interesting work we did back then.

Oh and the show was absolutelly great with so many interesting things and so many different ideas being shown in different media. It was a great fun to go arounbd college and see things.

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