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Greedy Pig. Construction and painting 14.01 – 15.01


Thursday 14.01

So on thrursday I was mostly doing the lampshades (the lampd on the wall for the reseption room) which is not much as it was just cutting out triangles and squared of different materials. I’m going to put them together over the weekend so it sould be ready for monday to ship to LCC.

I also did some experimentations on painting as I’m doing the painting within the production. So, I thought that the most complicated part would be the marbling therefore I talked to Kerry about it earlier this week. She send me some picture from one of the books on painting she has and I also watched some tutorials on youtube. The interesting thing that I learned when I was doing the experiament is that the material you paint onto is very important and the paint dries out completely diferently on laminated card and on laminated wood for example. However, with the marbling, it is had to actually see if it looks good untill the varnishing is done as it is changes the whole look completely.

Well, the other thing with the marbling is that we are doing black and white marble which is really hard to find a tutorial for…

So here are some experiments that I did…

IMG_20160114_203502 IMG_20160114_203454 IMG_20160114_203511

And I also wanted to try out how the red to balck gradient would work (we are painting flats for the receprion room as well) and I actually found out the the paint (especially red) dries out really quickly so I would have to mix different shades of red in advance and then paint the flat starting from black.



Friday 15.01

I feel like that was a very productive day in terms of construction. Rufus and Mustafa finished building the desk in the first half of the day and Alekko and I could finally start painting it! However we were doing it outside as the desk is just too big to fit in the studio so as it was really cold and windy not even mentioning the scale it was not the easy job. Plus we were really worried about the the black base as the paint that we got turned out to be blue for some reason and we had to paint a few layers to actually make it darker.

IMG_20160115_141753 IMG_20160115_141815 IMG_20160115_153906 IMG_20160115_165835 IMG_20160115_165842 IMG_20160115_173125 IMG_20160115_173238 IMG_20160115_173259

By the end of the day we were not finished I’m afraid. We still have to do the right side of the desk and the top of it. The thing was that it got dark and we were afraid that our perseption of what we are painting is not very right in the dark. The plan is to come back monday morning really early and finish it as the whole construction should be shipped to LCC by lunch time. And the glazing should come later when we build it back together at LCC.

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