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Greedy Pig. Construction work 11.01 – 13.01


Just a little visual update on the amount of work we managed to do within last 3 days.

Monday 11.01

So tecnically we had this idea for the chair at the show for Rupert on sunday and we made something like that on monday! Wow! That was really qiuck and I was really proud of the results and timing (and the budget because we pracically got that material for the chair for free!).

So we needed the chair for the show and we wanted it to look futuristic and uncomfortable. Sara has found that reference picture and Adele seemed to like it so we we trying to figure out how to make that. We went to the metal workshop to talk about the material and the process and it turned out that Tech Arts Technician had some of those steel sheets which he was willing to give us. We used one of the chairs in our studio as the base, borrowed some gloves and started to shape the steel mesh around the chair. we also used some cable ties to hold different steipes of material together. We wanted to create a metal frame underneath because the structure itself still couldn’t support a human and Rufus had that brilliant idea of just unscrewing the frame from the original chair (we promise to put the thing back on after we finish filming).

IMG_20160111_114237 IMG_20160111_142431 IMG_20160111_144003 IMG_20160111_162742 IMG_20160111_162922

So, conserning the chair what was left to do to finish it was to paint the frame and the cable ties silver.


Tuesday 12.01

That day Rufus, Mustafa and I went to the WImbledon Homebase to get some paint and some other things we needed for the construction of the sets.


The colours we were looking for were reds (specific types that co-work with Rothko’s painting we are putting in the set). We managed to fing amazing paint on discount and to save something like 50 pounds which was fantastic. We also bought 2 lams for which we going to make the triangular lamp shades and bamboo sticks for this purpose.

The other thing was that we got the canvas onto the frame with Mustafa and Rufus be the end of the day.


Wednesday 13.01

With Unit 5 in the morning we only had a half of the day to work at the construction. For today our job with Alekko and Sara was to try out making the cardboard chirs for the reseption room. Well, this did not work the way we wanted it to meanin it doesn’t worth the time we spend on one chair. We will have to think about something elve very soon. The other option was amking those out of MDF, which I think sould work and we’ll try to do that tomorrow.

IMG_20160113_121441 IMG_20160113_154837 IMG_20160113_161445 IMG_20160113_161511

The other bit that I was working on today was finishing touch for the Rupert’s chair at the show with some silver paint. Now it looks more unified and shinier. With the proper lighting (there’s going to be a spot light) I think it should look even better.


Plan for tomorrow

  • The chairs for the reception room – to make. If possible, start painting those.
  • Do some experiments for the marble painting the desk and for the red-black gradient on the walls (buy different types of panting rollers


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