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Greegy Pig. LCC Collaboration project


With the actual filming comming up I think I might actually write about LCC Collaboration project and how it’s going so far.

Initially I’ve signed up for 3 different projects – Greedy Pig, The Big Smoke and Cinema Francais, though I’m only working on one of the projects now.
The thing was that for The Big Smoke the team has never contacted me and I figured I have 2 more projects to work on – no problem. Cinema Francais people asked everyone from Art Department to read the script and to create a moodboard for the film. That was the week when I found a job and I was so busy with the production design project and at work I could not phisically make that moodboard. Well, I still do not get why everyone was supposed to do the same thing – there can never be 10 production designes or 10 art directors, someone has to take the lead role, right? Well, I still wanted to work on that project and I asked the director if I can be helpful not on the designing stage but may be of some help with the construction or set dressing (as they definitelly did need a lot of people for that). However, I missed the first meeting as I was at work and it turned out that they only want people who made the moodboards in their art department team.
So, the only project I was left with was Greedy pig and in this project I am to be a head of Set Dressing team and I’m also willing to work on the construction and prop buying (however, I don’t know about the prop team – I’m not on the list for now, but I really want to participate more).

So, Greedy Pig.

The story is set in not so far away future. There is the word that all corrupted and immoral and where everything is about money. The main character – Rupert is a father who lost his job and now has no money to pay for the college for his only son – Sam. They both has just moved in a smaller flat but the financial situation is really bad as noone wants to led them some money. There is one solution to all their problems – to participate in a Greedy Pig Show which has been on TV for 90 seasons and where participates need to comlete 3 tasks that question thier morality in order to win huge sum of money or to surrender for medical experiments. Rupert really want his son to get an education so he decides to go. He completes an application and he wins that chance! 3 tasks ahead. 2 completed and the last one is to burn his dog (a beloved member of the famity) or loose all. Rupert makes his choice and he is a winner!

So, the main references for the film while LCC people were pitching the ideas were The Hunger games trilogy and the BBC series Black Mirror which I actually think to be the best reference for our film. Hunger games – a bit too big and there is just too much of action in it. Greedy pig story is much more about morality and how the world might change in the future – so as the Black Mirror! And visually and budget-wise I think it is close to what we are going for.


We had quite a few different versions of the script. Well, the art department team, including me, we had to get a lotof the script changed because the original version was just not working! As Alekko, Sara and I are living together and as we are working on the same project we just had a very productive discussion within as and then we had another talk with Rufus who is our Art Director (authority to who Adele, our Director and script writer) would listen to.

The main problem with the script initially – were the tasks. So basically we had a problem the main visual scenes in the film.

The task initially:

  1. To drink the spoiled milk
  2. To choose between 2 pills (one of those was suppose to be placebo, the other one was supposed to make him sick)
  3. To burn his god alive

Being honest and realistic, noone would watch the show (especially for 99 sesons) if the tasks were all connected to vormiting… And it would look like nothing visually.

Our suggestions were:

  1. Electrifying another preson (all the main character would have to do would be pressinng the button)
  2. Beating up a homeless person
  3. Making a child cry

So, after discussing it with Rufus and Adele later on at the proper meeting we desided to go for the idea of sort of “vialation against the human nature” with 3 tasks escalating:

  1. To hurt a stranger
  2. To hurt himself
  3. To hurt someone he loves (a dog in thise case)

And what the tasks are in the end:

  1. To feed a homeless person magget lasagna
  2. To get a tattoo with an inapropriate image – swastika (which was Adele’s symbol choise, we don’t really agree with that artiastic desision to be honest)
  3. To burn the dog – still stays the same


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