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My notes. Working on Production design project


I actually have been making some notes while working on research and technical drawings for the Production design Romeo and Juliet project though I’ve necer actually posted those in here – I simply forgot about those. I know it wing be a bit too late and irrelevant at this point but better late then never…

  1. Period research for Romeo and Juliet (1920’s Nerw Orleans). Me in the library
    IMG_20151228_0001 IMG_20151228_0002 IMG_20151228_0003
  2. Script breakdown tutorial
    IMG_20151228_0004 IMG_20151228_0005 IMG_20151228_0006
  3. More research.
    IMG_20151228_0007 IMG_20151228_0008 IMG_20151228_0009
  4. Production design elements.
    IMG_20151228_0012 IMG_20151228_0013
  5. Production deisigner visit – working on TV (adverts, TV shows, series, etc)
  6. Technical drawing questions to ask David and schedule for the week.
    IMG_20151228_0016 IMG_20151228_0017 IMG_20151228_0018 IMG_20151228_0019
  7. Art direction lecture with Kerry.
    IMG_20151228_0020 IMG_20151228_0021



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