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Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain (Amelie) 2001 Film review


For some reason all I’ve been doing this week is watching movies and writing about them (instead of working on a project apparently) but those films I’ve been watching lately are all so good I can’t stop watching those! And almost each film I watch I love so much I’m willing to add to the list “my favourite movies” which did not happen that much before.

Just now I watched this fabulous iconic film – Amelie (2001). I knew about this movie exhistance I just didn’t want to watch it to be honest. I knew it would be a bit weird and it will be romantic but I didn’t know that it would be that brilliant.

The general style of the film reminded me of Wes Anderson’s films and Monrise Kingdom in particular. Exept it was french. And about adults. I think this film has just a bit more elegance to it then Wes Anderson’s ones (not like they are bad, I love those). This film was cute. I had to concentrate quite a lot in the beginning but by the end I was absolutely in love with Amelie and Nino (and the glass man artist, and his student who worked in the grocery shop whatever their names are). French did make the following of the story a bit comlicated but I loved the thing anyway.

The best part of it is the colours and cinematography of course. Well, camera angles and movements were also good but I am a big fan of the colour sceme they did in the film so… Everything ion the film works on the contrast between reds, yellows and greens. I loved the interior sets and the viabrancy of the colors there. Especially Amelie’s flat. I think that set is the best for me but other flats in the building were nicely designed as well.

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Some of the shots, camera movements and narrative remind me of The Royal Tenenbaums, another Wes Anderson’s film.

2016-01-07 (6)

The colour sceme rimind me of the film Penelope (2006) of course in there the colours are not that exadurated.

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There are some interesting camera angles as well with the character actually looking at the audience which doesn’t happen all that often. Plus lots of behind the sholder/back type of shots, mid shots and close ups for the characters.

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