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The Danish Girl (2015) film review


I really feel like watching films this week (well instead of working apparently). Still it is a good practice for me to watch different genres (and they were very different films I’ve been watching recently). I just feel that this month there are a lot of interesting and beautiful movies comming out (Academy awards nominees probably, I’m really into the whole thing since last year) and there are always movies that are absolutely fantastic and that I have not yet seen.

For this one I decided not to wait untill it is online but to actually go to the movies. I know it is not a very good reason but I went there for the actors. Eddie Redmayne (last year Oscar winner, Best actor) and Alicia Vicander (who I’ve just recently seen in Anna Karenina (2012) in the period (my favourite 1920’s) movie about the first trasgender man (very controversial topic for me). Well, I was curious. I just had to go. And the film is just absolutely beautiful visually. And, I will not be surprised if Eddie Redmayne will get nominated for oscars again…

The sets for the Danish house.

I knew the nane ispiration was some sort of the painting! I did feel it while watching the movie and I belive that athmosphere was magical though really simple. I love that in the film when the simple set with one main colour and almost no decoration works the best and it provides the best stage for the action to take place. This time I really felt it and I sware I felt that “being inside the paiting” thing!  The change in colour is also very visible when the couple travels to Paris – the sets become morecomplicated and mre viabrand and here we finally get some 1920’s art deco style!

And of course my favourite colour combination in the film – blue and orange. It just kept repeating (especially in the danish scenes) with the buildings/dresses, flowers/sets interraction.

The ballet dancer is quite a character in terms of colour as well. I loved the combination and that brightless and contrast she brought into the room every time. Especially in comparisson to the Eddie’s character Einar while he is still a man with super tight and stict suits. This is the opposition of that freedom of being a woman (in this case) and the status of being a man with a sertain reputation.

I really liked the type of shot used for the film – very symmetrical. I did get this amazing feeling as I was looking at the painting all the time with the balance being gust right. To be honest I haven’t even realized who Tom Hooper was and what he has made until I started writing this post. But yes, I see now the same (ish) aura in this movie and in King’s Speach. Anyway, it was a beutiful period film and I love perioud films!



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