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UNIT 5 – WonderTEA Party – Finial show


Well, in the end it was really me working on the project – the plan for the last week specifically was to finish all the making. instalation, etc. Thomas by that time has already decided to leave college and didn’t really care about the project for an obvious reason. For Amalia, howver, I don’t really have an excuse.

What happened the last week was that I made the advert for the actors (just volounteers) to come and join the installation. They would just sit there doing pretty much nothing and I put those advers around college. In a day Amalia made a suggestion that we don’t wait for people to volounteer and instead made some figurines to represent our characters – like puppets. As she was the one who was making the masks so I agreed because it was pretty much her job to figure out the character design and well, whatever worked for her, really, was good for me as definitelly had no time to think about it anymore. Oh and I probably should mention that she was also supposed to make the chairs by welding those as we did not found the cheap option and we thought that welded chairs would add some interesting shadows to the installation as well.

Wednesday. 2 day before the festival.

Well, by wednesday night I had the tea set made and we all painted and cut the table already. What was left was the characters, the pile of money, the chairs and to set the whole thing up.

Thursday. 1 day to the festival.

The whole day I was making the pile of money, and setting up in the theatre on the 1st floor. Alone.
This day I found out that character’s bodies are still not finished and that Amalia didn’t make the chairs at all. Well, I think that she could at least have told that a bit earlier about that. By that time the was not much I could do and I just asked her to make some sort of joints to keep the scull heads attached to the bodies and she promised she would do that and said that she definitely does not need my help with that.

On thursday I also accidentally meet Jaqcie and we discussed my situation with my group. She made a suggestion about how to make the idea more clear even without actors or chairs. Set up the toy war on the table, buy some red fruts and smash them on the table. Well, we actually had an idea close to that one but that time we were planning to use the actors and altogether it would be just too much, But now when I was setting up the table and nothing was really ready, I was worried that the idea was not clear enouth. So, i asked the friend of mine to buy some toy soldiers as I couldn’t really go myself that time as I had to go to work.

So, that was wat I got by thursday evening:


Friday. The day of the festival.

IMG_20151120_102708 IMG_20151120_111836 IMG_20151120_111900

So, Friday morning I went to Tesco’s and bought some strawberries, rasberies, cupcakes, some Dr. Pepper (to represent oil) and some crunberry juice (to represent blood).  So what I was doing in the morning was glueing the soldiers to the table (by the was, the cups and the kettle were also goued down to it so I don’t have to worry about someone’s nocking it down) and smashing the berries on the table. It actually added an interesting feature – the smell. Very nice sweet smell of strawberries which I think added some more depth to the idea as those crushed strawberries represented fallen soldiers, blood, bodies, etc. And this nice smell, as I think of it, added the politician’s point of view to it and how playing with lives of people who don’t matter seems easy to them. Afterall, those are just strawberries at the table, aren’t they?

Well, it turned out that Amalia didn’t actually do anything since yesterday and she was not even going to show up for the festival so I had to work out what to do with the characters as well. I placed them differently at the table so you can see both of them at the same time. Well, if there were chairs to start with the whole thig would be so much easier. I also sparyed the sculles with strawberried as well which you could actually see if looking close at those. It looked a bit creepy the effect that I liked a lot.

IMG_20151120_102719 IMG_20151120_144653 IMG_20151120_164007

So, this was what the whole composition looked in the end.

1448020553031 IMG_20151120_114219 IMG_20151120_120444

To be honest I was suttisfied with the result of the project despite the problems that I had with my team.


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