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“The Walk” (2015) Film review


I watched The Walk something about 2 weeks ago and I absolutelly loved it! Robert Zemeckis is, as usual, on top and this time it is almost literal.

I don’t even know where to start if listing all the things that I liked about this film. Colours, narrative, acting, CGI, directing, camera angles – everything was absolutelly beautiful.

  1. Narrative.
    Usually for me, narrative is a thing you should be really careful with. The narration in this film was absolutelly amazing. As it is a real story that has acctually happen the narrator is the main character. I feel as there is something about it quite similar to the narative in Moulin Rouge. A bit of fun and positive attiturde towards the story I think. I also liked how the presentor is not just a voice behind the screen but a real human telling the story. And the setting for it – the Liberty Statue. Is it a coincidence that Phillippe Petit is french and the Liberty Statue was also made by French? Mmm, don’t think so. And he view – New York in 1970’s. Beautiful period representation.
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  2. Well, because the narrative is actually happening in the future, the first thing that we see is a flash back. And here I actually do have a question about the creatice choice. Black and white? Not like it’s bad, but why? I think that was the only moment I dont’ understand in the film….
    2016-01-05 (2)
  3. Again, period representation is absolutelly amazing. In terms of set dressing as well. I can’t say that 1970’s is my favourite period but even I fell some sort of nostalgia because of this movie. There is a distinctive difference between picture quality and the colours of photography of 1970’s and now and I like how the colour viabrance was dulled down to create that period look.
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  4. CGI. The amount of it is abviously enormous in “The Walk”. The main action, the main event that the movie is about is that walk between the Twin Towers that no longer exhist because of 9/11. The thing about this film is that it takes us before it has happen and it watching it doesn’t make me think of the tragedy. it makes me think about the beauty and the exhitement people might have had looking at something like that at the time. Thank you CGI for making all of us see that that does not exhist anymore. Usually I am against it as so many things could be done in reality which would create much better look, but in this movie the usage is completely rational and apropriate.

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  5. The geometry in the shot. I absolutely loved it. Again – wire walking is obviously CGI, the towers are absolute fake, but to work the geometrical features on the ground, all the parallel and perpendicular lines – oh Gd what an amount of work it might have been. And even me knowing that the whole image is CGI doesn’t stop the chills I get while watching the movie and it is because of that beautiful geometry in shot. Well, I watched the film at home not really realizing that it’s supposed to be in 3d, what an experience it might have been…
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  6. Colours. I loved the periodic effect as I’ve already mentioned. But! The best part for me was the interraction between the costume and the set. I’ve noticed the repetition and similarity between the int/ext scenery and the clothes the actors were wearing.
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    I feel that it is actually one of the best works for costume department that I’ve ever seen despite the simplicity of costume. But simple is always the most complicated isn’t it?Oh and the scene of the actual walk is my favourite in the whole film because of the colours. It happens at the sun rise. The colours and that fog effect they added in post – magic. And this is the vision of Pillippe Petit himself which everyone’s able to see now. Love it.
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  7. Music. I think it added something a bit extra to to feel. It made it so positive and optimistic as the actual character of Phillippe and I just couldn’t help falling in love with that crazy guy. Well, wasn’t that the intention of the film?

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