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The Martian (2015) Review


That was another Si-Fi movie I really wanted to watch in the cinema and… I failed again. However, this time (and I reffering here to Gravity  (2013) and Interstellar (2014)) I don’t think that it has spoiled my esperience of whatching it. I feel that I tend to like the film with characters being somehow ironical about themselves, being optimistic and not just serious about the matter (oh and we have quite a situation out here – well, being left alone on the other planet is defenitely not a thing that happens everyday). I really enjoyed the film which was quite a surprise for me as I’m not usually into those serious Si-Fi dramas which came out in past few years (Yep, still referring to Gravity and Interstallar).

Well, I can’t really compare this film to any others as I don’t really watch that many realistic-ish Si-Fi movies. And, to be honest, I’m not really a big fan of Ridley Scott as I’ve only whatched 3 of his movies: Ehodus (2014), Gladiator (2000) and The Blade Runner (1982) all of which I didn’t really care about. However, this time I liked the film, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to identify any of the director’s personal features and tricks in the movie as I’m really unfamiluar with his work…

I really liked the sets, though. Classic SI-Fi white, all the cool space station features, etc… Well, the whole martian station has actually reminded me of Doctor Who’s episodes: The Waters of Mars but of course in more accurate and scientific way. One of the scenes in the space ship reminded me a bit of  2001 Space Odissey with people walking perpendicular lines.

2016-01-05 (76)

The other feathure that I liked was narrative – video blog. I liked that the story is shown through the feelings and experiences of the main character who is being honest about the situation here and just explains what he does and what he will be doing to survive. Simple. No voice overs, no romanticizing the situation.

2016-01-05 (64) 2016-01-05 (69) 2016-01-05 (73) 2016-01-05 (78)

And yet another example of an excusite postproduction job done. It would be impossible to create The Martian without CGI. And as in The Walk (2015) lots and lots of postproduction effects were used to give this specific athmosphere a person can only experience while watching the film.

However, there were some bad exhamples of CG in here as well. The ending scene with zero gravity while trying to catch Mark in the outer space. That rope was so fake. I’m really sorry to critisize that tiny little detail but that was what I was thinking about during that scene. No, the image is really beautiful – reminds me of the curcus or gymnastics…

2016-01-05 (83)

I think another bit that I actually like in the movie were the cuts. The scene was never shot with only one camera angle – there were always 3-4 different camera positions and I found myself thinking: how many takes did they make as if they were filming the whole thing with different cameras at once you would actually see the camera in shot so they must have quite a few takes. Continuity people must have done a great job. So did the editors. I think I’m starting to aprecciate and see the work of different departments at this point actually which is definitelly an improvement!

So here there are some more itteresting frames from the movie that I liked because of the light, sets, interesting camera angles, etc.

2016-01-05 (56) 2016-01-05 (63) 2016-01-05 (67) 2016-01-05 (70) 2016-01-05 (71) 2016-01-05 (80)

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