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Anna Karenina (2012) film review


I finally watched it! My goal was to read the book first and then to watched the film I’ve heard so many critisism about. And I finally did it! Well, my general oppinion the film – it was funny. Really really funy. And I don’t think Anna Karenina ia the story that is supposed to be funny. I did know that the whole film would be like a stage play and that most of it was set up in a theatre due to financial circumstances but I didn’t expect to see what I saw.

It is so obvious that this movie was made by Joe Wright. I was writing the post about Martian today as well and I was saying that I have no ide what Ridley Scott’s main tricks are. Here I do know. The thing is that Pride and Prejudice (2005) of Joe Wright’s is one of my favourite movies ever and I do see much of it in here – same camera angles, same scenes, same colour schemes at some point. The dancing scene when everyone stops is a replica of the dancing scene in Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth and Darcy seem to be alone in the room. The carrage scene, the dining scene, the talk and the emotions are the same. The proposal seen (Levin and Kitty) is emotionally similar to the proposal scene in Prode and Prejudice (the last one). And yet, this film doesn’t make me feel for the characters the way I did in Pride and Prejudice. I think the pacing is wrong. The idea of the whole thing being a theatrical performance, sort of a dance is interesting but everything is happening too quickly. I think that if I didn’t read the book first I would not understand what’s happening really. And the other thing that I didn’t really like in the film that it mosly focusing on Anna when in the book there are actually 2 main stories happening at the same time – Anna’s story and Levin’s story. And, to be honest, I like Levin much more than Anna, as a character and I would want to see more of him (well, this might be purely my opinion of course).

And, of course, dinning scene

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I liked the vibrant colour sceme in this movie. I liked how theatrical the whole thing is and at the same time I didn’t like it.

I think my biggest problem with that whole filming in the theatre thing was the outdoor scenes – they looked just too fake and I really like the realism of the films. And not all the outdoor scenes were filmed in the theatre. Why is that then?

Well, I feel that this adoptation is interesting. And when I’m saying interesting I don’t mean I really didn’t like it and I have no idea why they even do it interesting. I think it was interesting because noone has ever thought about doing in this way before. Though, I think that the film doesn’t show anothe depth of the characters or their feeelings. But it is a great challange to fit 2 volumes of the book in 2 hour’s film…

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