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UNIT 5. WonderTEA Party. Reserch and presentation.


I was really struggeling with the look of the set and the general feeling that I wanted from the installation. I don’t reallu remember what I was typing in to find those references but those were definitely the artists that inspired and influenced me the most:

  • Ivan Puig
  • Heather Hart
  • Robert Seidel – “Black mirror” installation
  • Jennifer Steinkamp
  • Danny Van Ryswyk
  • Trez
  • Jan Svankmajer
  • Amanda Louise Spayd
  • Gerald Scarfe
  • Ralph Steadman
  • Tim Burton

world-leaders-pooping-the-daily-duty-cristina-guggeri-raw Unknown tumblr_n0lo7hXmm91s818wuo1_1280 tim-burton-500x392 Thatcher-eating-Major steinkamp_1420_thumb skull_egg_num001_trez_orb Point_final_web ralph-steadman-art IvanPuig4 Cinelists-Alice-Jan-Svankmajer-10 c11cd9405cd40f6e8c48fc94f725a61e black-mirror_youngprojects_robert-seidel_8 1035x731-20131113-steadman-02-x1800-1384379981 1

Amalia also did some research, but, to be honest I have no idea what it was about and how it was relevant because the slide (for the presentation) she created seemed to be very random and I don’t think it influenced the final outcome anyhow.

In my research I did actually come back to Alice in Woinderland when I remebered Jan Swankmajer and his version of it with really creepy stuffed monsters of the Wonderland.

The same stule of puppets  (But much-much cuter) are used in one of my favourite short animation “The Maker”

I think I should explain the scull idea. When I was looking up the pictures of nature taking over places I found an amazing picture of a deer scull stuck in the tree and that gave me an idea about scull-like faces for the monster characters. Well, Amalia was the one who was worried about the looks of the monsters. No kitch things. Sculls – more realistic and grottesque!

zzz nature_taking_over2 buckhorn Bicycle-Swallowed-by-Tree-in-Washington-State1 7bb43dacd7aa7acc0b7366cb0e4dd626.600x

So, I made a concept art as well! And after some research and thinking we decided to make the whole thing more expressive by the table and chairs not just sinking to the ground but sinking into the pile of money (Russian rubles and Americain dollars to emathise on the fact the people are supposed to be Obama and Putin). The projection? We thought about getting the theatre space with gobo lighting and I thought that would be good to hold on to the “wonder” part of our party and keep the whole thing set in the forest with nature’s greens (in colour) and shadows of the trees.

maxresdefault (2) 150929145546-russia-moscow-obama-putin-0707-2009-super-169

Concept better light

Link to the presentation:


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