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UNIT 5. WonderTEA Party. Finalizing the idea


First we went back to the original Alice in Winderland idea. The Tea Party there was set in the forest of in the field or something like that. Outdoors. People (monsters) surrounded by nature. Thomas had this amazing idea of the table and the chairs sinking to the ground. We thought: ok, Alice in Wonderland was written long time ago, what if we do something suggesting that there are the leftovers of that party? And as for the figures we thought about suggesting the presence of the monsters at the party – may be a hand of a creature holding the cup and (for the Mad Hatter) – the Hat floating in the air. Bit’s of costume, cast parts of the body, etc. So it would be like the party is still there but it’s not really. We were still thinking about projections and things like that. What if we make some sort of the video of that party or food eating and project it on the table?

But we still had not enough depth in terms of ideas. Go away from Alice in Wonderland. Jacqui did suggest Politics earlier, but I think I started thinking more about it under the influence of this song:

I’m not the biggest expecrt in politics and I don’t really follow the news that much but I can’t stand away from what’s happening in the world right now. Who are the real monsters in this world? The powerful ones are capable of doing both good and evil but what both things are different for different kind of people. The idea was to show that noone actually cares and all politicians areactually the same – thinking about themselves only not caring about actual real people. On the global scale – 100 more people, 100 less – doesn’t really matter…

So, final installation (set for the performance that time) would be 2 people sitting opposit each other (prototypes – Obama and Putin) with the tea set on the table (the set would be covered with money), the table and the chairs would be sinking into the ground and something would be projected on top of it (Money/Explosions/Wars, etc). Both people wearing weird animal-like masks.


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