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UNIT 5. WonderTEA Party. Name and ideas.


So, monsters it is then. The first thing that comes to my mind is Tim Burton and his monsters. The ones your like and not scared of though, they are moster-looking.

The other thing that we were all thinking about was the name for our group and I thought about our names and abbriviatures we could make out of those. Thomas – Evgenia – Amalia. “T.E.A.” or “E.A.T” other ones do not really make sence. Well – monsters, tea, Tim Burton – Alice in Wonderland! Tea party! And, tecnically, there are 3 people at the table in the original story (3 people in our group) – the Mad Hatter, The Dormouse and The Mad March!

WonderTEA Party!

So this was pretty much how we come up with the name and the general idea (indeed we had a tea party in the end). We thought of makeing some sort of masks or costumes which could transform a person into a monster and we were thinking of setting up the table for the actual tea party! Well, the first time we talked to Jacqui about it, she loved the idea, but the suggestion was – get as far away from Alice in Wonderland as possible. She suggested to look for different definition of monsters, different interpretations of the word, think about our characters. What do we want to show? What idea do we want to convey? Who are those monsters – humans, aliens, made-up creatures? Why are they deserve to be called monsters – looks or deeds? Etc, etc, etc.

So, for our next meeting with Thomas (there was only facebook comunication with Amalia untill that moment) the plan was to think about monsters and bring some sketches or references. Unfortunatelly, I was so busy with whatever I was doing for my pathway that week I ddin’t do any sketches but we talked about my ideas a lot. Thomas brought some and his monsters were cute fluffy ones reminding me something you would see in Monster’s inc.


What I wanted was something like Guilermo del Toro’s monsters from Pan’s Labyrinth or Tim Burton ones. Something more realistic, something more grottesque.

The other influence for the project was my actual work at my Unit 6 Production design project – research especially. I’m making the sets for Romeo and Juliet set in 1920’s New Orleans. And for that I was researching the Mardi Gras carnaval. So the idea for that was that each year the would be a theame for the parade and everyone would be dressed up as a weird creature (most usually half animal – half human). Very often the characters were based on actual people (politicians, police figures, heroes, etc. of that time).

Ecery time Thomas and I had an idea we were telling Amalia about that and on that matter she was actually quite conserned – she didn’t want the whole thing to look kitch. It was a moment when we actually could see the difference between thinking of set designer for theatre or films and a fine artist’s way of thinking. She wanted to go for somethig more abstract, Thomas and I were thinking more about character design and set dressing in a realistic way.

So, next meeting with Jacqui she gave us some references to think about. She also suggested the idea of politics. Politicians as monsters.


Next step would be to do the research to finilize the idea for the installation (or performance).


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