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Unit 5 – WonderTEA party. Evalution of the idea.


Thomas. Evgenia. Amalia. Only 3 people in our group. We had to keep that in mind while working so we don’t take too much work and do the whole thing in time.

Week 3. Part 2.

So when I was thinking about the projection of the weird mashed up place on a human cast (technically a monster like frankinstien’s monster – ish) I thought about aliens and different planets. Of course I was thinking in terms of set design and how to create the alien planet set. I remembered on exhibition I visited in Moscow last septebler with one of the installation being interractive and I think it called something like “Gone with the wind” or something like that. So, it was a room with some sort of alien planet horison (at least it looked liked some different planet) with people’s movements in this room being recorded and projected within a certain period of time. The thing was that people started to loose shape if the stood to far away from the wall and their images projected looked weird as they did not had half of the body, ect. Well, I absolutely loved that exhibition. The other time I was there the was that lovely piece pf work with shadow monsters only showing up when a person stands in the light.


So, there is another cool one with the whole tiny room being broken up with screens to create an interesting geometrical shape with the projection behind with some cool and sometimes quite creepy things (like hands toughing the screens from the other side).

The was also another reference of the projection and how it affects spaces that I told Thomas about – the same day in Moskow there was a festival of light whith the whole builings being transformed by the projection!

So I shared that with Thomas and we started to think about the ideas of monsters and shapes and animation and shadows and things like that.

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