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UNIT 5 – The beginning of WonderTEA Party


Well, I finally got to my reflections on the Unit 5 matter! Wow!

What can I say. That was an interesting project the outcome of which I definitelly enjoyed but… I’m not very happy about the actual collaboration part of it as I feel that I’ve actually did something like 90% of the whole work (thinking and ideas included as well as the actuall making of the final installation)… Well, actually, in terms of ideas the collaboration turned out to be bery good and I definitily liked that process of thinking – discussing – going back to thinking – through more ideas on – getting somewhere else, etc.

1st week

Ok, I might start from the very beginning. The very first person I was working with was Jeena from PTBM. Our task was to make a piece of work inspired by the map Jacqui gave us with random objects that we had to find at college. Well, that was definitelly an interesting experience as when we were going around places trying to figure out what is what I found out that Jeena actually doesn’t know that much stuff around college and she didn’t even know that we are in the same building! So I think that was the very thing that made me think about the differences in how people actually percieve the world and how people who go around the same place see completely different things! The other point was that Jeena works a lot and I was busy with my project as well so we couldn’t properly meet up. So I came up with an idea: each of us whould make a map of the college the way we remember it (not looking at the actuall buildings) and create a root of how we walk around college (footsteps) with the starting point at the entrance.


So that was my peice of work. Jeena had one as well. We also had some ideas about how to go further with it like: putting both pathways together, try it in 3d, ect. But we never go through with it. However, that piece of work reminded me (and not only me, as it turned out, Thomas noticed it as well) about palmtrees and beaches – some roots I took turned out to look as waterfalls and the whole picture does create some sort of abstract composition…

2nd week

Well, next week we swapped the groups. This time there were: Arthur (PTBM), Thomas (Theatre design), Lea (Costume interpretation) and me. The task pretty much was: DO SOMETHING UNEXPECTED. Well, initially, none of us had any ideas of what to do… Well, Arthur was interested in drawing something with hienna on the body, I was going for actually going out and do something like a life performance or life installation somewhere unespected (Jacqui mentioned going out on underground whearing PJs or something and film people’s reaction and I really liked the challange in that so I wanted to do something like that), Thomas liked the idea of transformimg college into a beach (based on my map and palm trees). The other thing that we discussed through the first meeting was the presentation of the projects from the first week and this was actually where we decided to start from. One of the projects presented was the mash-up of the sounds taken from the 2 different studios. My project was about the differences between people. Thomas’s project was about different objects in different places and so as Lea’s with her group collecting items from different studios and putting them all together. And another bit was that idea we needed to work with – unusual places. What we decided to do was to take pictures of different objects at home and then bring them alltogether and create a collage creating a whole new place which would represent everyone’s home.

So those are some of our pictures…
IMG_20151018_195440 IMG_20151018_195513 IMG_20151018_195901 IMG-20151018-WA0004

I was relly interested in that collage idea actualy but I decided tro try up not usual cutting and [asting composiition collage. I have decided to play a bit with clours and I really wanted to create something quite abstract and I did some experiment on photoshop with ovelaying and layering pictures.

Well, here is the outcome:

18 21 17 11 7 2 4

And I was actually planning to take that on the other level as one of my hobbies is drawing and painting I was planning to take bits of those collages and paint them (possibly adding some 3d bits as well and if all those were square and quite small I could aso create the composition of lets say 9 tiny squares placed as one)… Well, still working on finding some free time to do that but I do like the outcome espectially in terms of colours. Of course the idea for that came from Lea’s quick collage:


3rd week

We swapped groups again. Well, it was Thomas and me left in a group and Amalia (Sculpture) joined.

But before that we had another discussion about what we can do to push this idea of spaces mixed up in one. Well, that week Thomas went to V&A to see a new theatre design exhibition and he was really inspirerd by one of the sets where the projection was used as a major decoration on stage. So he suggested to use a projector and project the collage on something. So, keep going with the idea of similarities and difference between people we thought of making a cast made up of different body parts (so my arm, Lea’s foot, someone elses body, etc) to create some sort of a mixed up creaturew hich would, again, represent us all. Plus, again, being inspired by the first week projects that creature was supposed to have some sound as well – mix of the sounds from our places, may be have some special voice or made-up language… And then the group changed….

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