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Keep exploring portobello road. New inspiration.


I found this amazing place at the same road which I like and I feel that it could work within the stylistics of my film. it is something like a chirch bakyard with and amazing staircase and a balcony. May be a chirch scene as well? I don’t know, but I just love it.

IMG_20151222_193829 IMG_20151223_181322 IMG_20151222_193839

There are also some examples of ironwork on the street and how the shadows would work. And I’m trying to think about the ways of showing those amazing shadows more in the shot somehow.

IMG_20151222_194129 IMG_20151222_194113 IMG_20151223_181455 IMG_20151223_181445

Oh and I found that amazing interior on Portobello road as well!
IMG_20151223_190041 IMG_20151223_190026

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