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Technical drawing/white card model – changes in the design


I was working on a technical drawings for my Capulet’s house design for 2 weeks  – it that time I created 4 pages for the construction including 2 pages of details like doors and railings and I also finalised my design (had to make some changes there actually) and created a final white card model. Well, those were 2 quite intence weeks. I really enjoyed working with David Gale though who was very helpfull throughout the week he was there. That was because of him that I realised that the measurements I was planning to do initiallydon’t quite work so I had to do a few changes. What I found out was that it is really handy to have a concept art at that point or at least the references to the design, because it just makes it so much easier to explain things to people! Well, my concept art hepled me understand that in order to make my shutters open (and I have a lot of those in my case) I have to rethink some design choices. Well, tecnically, I didn’t check some of the measurements on my SketchUp model (the ones for the 2plain walls I have redesigned to make them more interesting by adding doors and balconies) and I had to work out all of the measurements for the whole thing anyway as my first SketchUp model was all metric. Also, David and I figured out the was the doors would open the way pit would make more sence and will work better within the set.

whole layout1


So, the changes since I’ve started designing are:

  • 2 backyard walls – doors and balconies added + the arch
  • 2nd room resized – more space needed inbetween shatters
  • The outside wall in 2nd room – the windows changed (2 insted a giant one)
  • Ceiling bit in the staircase room – otherwise it doesn’t make sense
  • Higher walls in the staircase room

IMG_20151210_125158 IMG_20151210_125422 IMG_20151210_125456

My plan for that model is actually to film it and do some experimental shots. I do want to do some sort of the storyboard for that part of the movie and I do want to explain why I have to build that much of the set and I think that should all come very clear in storyboard.

As for the technical drawing, I still want to do some more bits as I don’t think I’m completely finished.

3 2 1

That is the plan:

  • Page 2 – add the sign “floating wall”
  • Page 3 – get rid of the detail 5 (the railings)
  • Page 3 – add section names and sign everything
  • Page 3/4 – make the interior reilings more compiceted and detailed, add another detailed drawing

I was also planning to go back to Notting Hil Gate to Portobello road and measure the rest of the street as I don’t want to use green screen for the opening scene that much. I’m still planning to make a technical drawing for that as I think it will be a good exercise as well as it will be great to actually build up a white card model and film it for the storyboarding purposes!

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