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Designing the Capulet’s house


So, there’s been a while since my last post – a month to be more precise. What I was working on within this time was the design for the capulet’s house, made some technical drawings and concept’s for it and, going back to the opening scene, I also tried to create an animatic for it – well, something like that. In this post I think I’ll consentrate more on the Capulet’s house design and ideas.

Well, I’ve already had a plan and a SketchUp model to work with so I got some screen shots and createdsome photoshop concepts for the place adding the colours, somefurnishing and set dreassing. I actually had to do some interesting experimentations with the lighting as well adding some atmosthere to the whole imagery. Plus I was trying how to work out the graphic tablet which I had for half of the year now but haven’t used untill this project.

  1. Staircase room

I was working out the colour scheme for the Capulet’s house and I decided to go for the classic warm red-ish pallete (and it has actually fit quite well within my research) and as I am making that gigantic piece of the whole house for the fiollow shot I wanted the colour to gently go slightly more cold (green-ish) when Juliet enters the backyard where Romeo meets her so it could seem more of a neutral ground for both parties. Tecnically, the whole scene starts with the staircase room whith Juliet decending and I wanted her to be clearly identified with Capulets (though she will not be wearing any Capulet’s colours) so she has to be surrounded with this rich and warm dark red of the staircase room with very atmospheric lighting. Red in this bit of the scene also should express the wealth of the family and their pride. Again, as I found out while researching the ground floor rooms in Creole houses used to be richly furnished especially for this kind of parties and later in film I could create more of the contrast between public and private spaces making Juliet’s room more plane and less pompous as the ground floor (may be in nice pink-ish colour). So, the staircase room was pretty much inspired by this one picture and here is the final resault.

staircase concept

Oh year, there might also be a carpet which is not in my concept art and the main light would come out of the chandalier (1900’s style) but I don’t think it will ever be in a shot as I’m not really making a ceiling there and we will never actually look up that much.

2. Room 1

room 1 concept

For the first actuall room I’m planning to go for nice and warm yellow and antique funishing in orange/red/yellow to match it. Again, according to my research, there was no emphasis on 1920’s in New Orleans, the whole rooms were furnished as they were in 19th century so here there is actually could be some variety in the age of the furniture. The chandalier, again has to be made in 1900’sor slightly earlier, however, the lights on the wall are new (for the time period) – 1920’s art nouveau, art deco style. Tiny details like that – lamps, may be small sculptures and statuettes this is all the details I want to be accosiated with the time period. In general, those rooms are going to be built for that follow shot and everything need to be dressed with people (well, it is a party afterall!) I’m actually thinking of rewatching The Great Gatsby as there were some party scenes I could look at as a reference for my party scene as I need to know what the people will be doing… About the pictures on the wall – there are pictures of the horses indicating that the family is into horseracing buisness, I think it would be appropriate hobby for the farther and I might wanna think about creating some character profiles for this movie (I also planned to do some consept art and some hypothetical casting as well).

3. Room 2

room 2 concept

For the second room the colour should go more appricote – so the whole imagery’s getting stilgtly more brown, but not orangey. However, for this room I wanted to create some more contrast making it more modern (plus making it go slightly colder) so I added some green sofas from 19th century again with very rich velvet fabric. Plus, I think I should mention the importance of the plants as the part of the dressing. The fireplaces are not nesesarely have to be white – again, judgjing by the research there was a variety of different designs and materials and, to be honest, I don’t think that that bit matters that much for this specific production (not sure it is even a good thing to think of it like that – on one hand a set dresser can just go and pick up any firepalce of the suitable period as it’s not gonna be functional anyway, on the other hand, there is no thing which is not important when it comes to creating an imagery). Places above the fireplaces could be decorated with family portraits of different times, ancesstors. Again, additional sorts of lighting – art deco lamps.

4. The backyard

backyard concept + filter

So, the backyard is where the main action happens and it actually needs some more dressing then that on the concept. Ot needs more plants, more sourses of light and I’m thinking the candles to create more romantic atmosthere, plus, of course there will be much more people and the musicians – the jazz band playing somewhere in the corner, so there could be actual music at the party. What I was really going for was the atmosphere and tge setting of this photo but with more people, so again, the set dressing is open for the interpretation.





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