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Capulet’s house ball scene interior design.


For the last 2 day I’ve been working on the construction of the Capulet’s house where I want the party (ball) scene to take place. I’ve been mostly consulting with 2 books I borrowed from the library for this part of the project: “Creole Houses. Traditional Homes old Old Luisiana” and “New Orleans. Elegance and Decadance” as they both have pretty good photos of actual houses’ interiors and exteriors so I could figure out the layout and architecture. All the photos are of present time however, it is very obvious that Creoles as they are don’t really like changes and hold on to the past – some of the furnishings and the decorations are over a hundred years old and go back to the plantation houses and slavery period in Luisiana.

IMG_20151029_0011 IMG_20151025_0072 IMG_20151029_0012

So, my goal was to create a part of the house with a staircase on one side (for the Julit to come downstairs with this staircase being pretty much the point where the party stars) and a set of couple of rooms for people to walk though (Creole houses have this interesting layout when there are no actual coridors in the house and all the doors line up. This is a very practical feature as New Orleans is a very hot place and the house layout need to support the ventilation). I keep calling my ball scene a party because this is practically what it would be. Creole houses are not very spacious to have an actual ballroom. However, I am planning to have a backyard as I found the most amazing picture of one of the actual houses’ backyards with some candlelight – the photo is taken in the dark and the place looks fantastic ans magical – exactly what I need for when Romeo meets Juliet. I also wanted to have another staicase in the backyard going to the first floor so there could be more architectuall features and so the spase would look just more interesting, but I’m still working on that constuction bit – work in progress.

IMG_20151025_0015 IMG_20151025_0044

Well, what I have created so far is plain scetch-up model with basic features as windows and doors being actually there. I’m still considering truing to finish out the model by adding textures and furniture – that souldn’t be so hard but I’m also thinking that I could do the digital concept drawings based on the model in photoshop. In general, I still have a lot of work to do.


Capulet's house staircase1 Capulet's house staircase

Room 1 (1st trough the doors)

Capulet's house room 1

Room 2 (further)

Capulet's house room 2 Capulet's house room 2.1



Capulet's house ball scene - backyard2 Capulet's house ball scene - backyard1


The whole construction

whole layout whole layout1 whole layout2

I still have this one problem with the construction – my doors and windows don’t really open the right way so I would have to think about how to fix this issue before we start technical drawings and before I start doing rough white card model, which means I have to get it sorted out today – tomorrow. Otherwise I my measurement would be so screwed up… The other thing is that I keep working in cantimetres but I sould do the technical drawing in inches and I’m afraid I’m gonna have lots and lots of problems on the matter…

A I have a lot of transparent windows in my set I would have to think about how to cover the backside wich would have no actual construction to hide this lacking of set. I have sutters in the set so some of the doors could actually be just coverered by those and I’m thinking chiffon curtains will do. However I would have to put some light behind because, well, it is a nught scene and people usually turn the lights on. I’m planning to cover the windows on the ground floor with plants and fairylites not to hide them completely – I would still have to build them, but just to cover the fact there is nothing behind them.


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