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Sketch-Up Exterior Portobello Road


The whole day I was working on the rough SketchUp model of my exterior location based on my location survey.  It is definitely a rough version of the street and I only worked out halp of it in 12 hours – I just keep telling myself that the problem is not that I am a slow worker but that there are lots and lots of measurements (it is a street market after all) and that the geography of the street is quite complicated.
When I put all of my measurements in (at least for this part of the street) I had to work put the hights because I wasn’t able to measure that for obvious reasons and I keep working with my own photographs trying to figure out the propotions between different objects. I also had to colour the facades of the buildings because there are 11 of them currently in the model and it was really hard to understand which is which when looking at them lining up…
I relly liked working with the pavement and concrete geometry but I still have a lot of wotk to do on this matter. As I said the geography of that place is quite complicated as the street goes downhill and there are almost no straight lines when it comes to the floor. Well, The base for the model would definitelly be interesting to work with…
What I’m still lacking in terms of measurements is depth. I didn’t have time (or patience) to do that last time I was there. What really matters to me is the depth of the shops on the first floor. The other moments are the windows and the iron balconies that I would have to cover. There are decorations that standing out quite a lot and that I would cover only partially – just to be sure that I’m actually using the architecture of the actual street more.

There is that thing that I’ve noticed when I was working on the SketchUp model. When I was doing the concept art with the iconic iron balconies added to the original Portibello road architecture I didn’t actually expect that the distance between the windows would be so bid. However, if you think of it – what else did I expect? There is only one window per floor! Now I definitelly have more reasons to add up the fake facades with fake windows on itso I could create different architectual pattern.

Portobello road sketchup windowsQuick Sketch for blog


I made this very quick (and horrible) sketch just to see how my idea with facade panelling would work and how I would add windows to it. The thing is that I don’t like what I’m getting. The proportions are wrong for the ironwork so adding just one window in the middle wouldn’t work – the arches would get too big to be authentic and there is that issue with quite a lot of space in the corners of the building where would be just more useless space with no windows (however, in theality they would be there). I think I would have to cover the whole facade after all, merging 2 actual buildings together and creating the proportions I need by having 4 windows per floor. I would still need to try it out though (I’m thinking sketch-up).






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