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Concept drawing ext


Since my last posr I haven’t done much, I just kept working on the concept drawing for the exterior opening scene for Romeo and Juliet. I was trying to figure out the way I could actually transform Portobello road (Notting Hill Gate area) into New Orleans. I was suggested to set my scene at night so the building colours wouldn’t be an issue, and the night scene would be actually very nice for my carnaval-like atmosphere with Mardi Gras celebrations and fairy lights on. However, I took a closer look at the actuall photoes of New Orleans and I realised that not only the buildings’ colour palette is wrong, but the textures as well. Everything looks very old and rugged in New Orleans so as I don’t think that it would be possible for me to scratch the original buildings at Portobello road for the brick showing up under the acual surface effect I would just create coveres for the facades and do some scenic paining to create the effect I need. The colours and the building structures would be cheeted the same way – MDF panels I think…
I was really concerned about the balconies that are on almost all of the buildings on Portobello road and I wouldn’t be able to reattach them for obvious reasons. So when I was making this concepts I was trying to figure out the way to cover them (There are gonna be other tipes of balconies anyway) and I was looking at Camera angles to help we get rid of this issue. And making this concept based on a real location buildings and perspective was really helpfull on the matter. The original balconies got completely covered by the balconies, shutter, plants and light – I am happy.
DSCN4860 concept for ext gaps

I did not complete this concept drawing the way I waned it to but I’m afraid I don’t have much time to work on it further at the moment as I have to work at other scenes as well. However I was working on some filters and colours for the actual movie. I really like classic warm orangy look that states that time period in films so I would defifnitely go for the same look here.
concept for ext ink1 resized

Finally, film-like aspect ratio. And a colour palette.

concept for ext ink1 resized 1 - 1.85 Concept ext colour palette


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