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Working on the concept drawings.


I thought I would just make this quick update on what I’m doing now. This is a week when we are supposed to be doing conceptional drawings, sketches and putting all ideas togetehr in order to make actual designs for the feature film. I have been thinking abou making a concept drawing digitally for a long time and half a year ago I have actually bought a graphic tablet, however, I haven’t got a chance to use it yet. Therefore, I have decided to just get this thing done and to start working!

I have pretty good ideas about how my sets would look like but I was really fascinated with the location survey that I’ve done so I have desided to start working with the concept for the location transformation. I took one of the photos of the Portobello Road that I have made and started working on my concept practically tracing the buildings’ outlines digitally and then adding the details over it. I should say that I’ve never used a graphic tablet before so I watched some video inductions on Linda. com with some intro courses on the matter.

working on a concept fro the street no colour

This is where I am so far and I’m planning to do some more concepts consearning the street scene just because there gonna be a lot of detailes and because of that transformation I’m planning. I’ve also taken some closer pictures focusing on the shops themselves and I think I would work more on how I’m changing those.

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