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It is actually have been something like 3 week since I’ve watched this film. I was specifically interested in watching it because I had no idea about the Sufregette movement and I knew that it would be a historical drama and ve’ve just started working on our period piece that time so it would be useful in terms of research and undertanding of the period. I am also quite fond of Kerry Milligan playing the main character in this film and the cast in general, so it was settled and I went to the movies the first day the film came out.

What I ca say is that definitely a very beautiful period film with a lot of research done for the production. The sets and the palces the action takes palace are quite diversed as we have: the factory, main character’s home, the prison, the apothecary place, the chirch, the park where the king attending the celebration dn a horse race, the streets, etc. I can image how much set dressing was done for the film as the action takes place in real place that everyone would recognise – London, but in 1900’s. The colour sceme is very distinctivly period with the colours dulled and with all those browns and greys being the main colours on screen.

The other thing that should be mentioned is the violence in the film. The week before watching this film I watched Macbeth and that one was violent with all blood and fighting scences and with very epic deaths like burning people, ect. and still I was more disturbed by Sufregette kind of violence. It just seemed much more realistic and more relevant to what’s happening in the world right now. This is violence not just toward the rival tribe or trators but ordinary women. And this is what they shown as well – how ordinary those characters were and how that life they lived was hard. There is a stong connection between the charactres and their families that affects eevry aspect of the story and the deeds of people. I really liked that humanity within the characters and the relationship between them.

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