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19th June 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Prop sourcing for Art Direction Propject – Cloud Atlas (2012)

In order to do my prop list I had to rewatch the scenes involving my set more then a couple of times. Once again, I was thinking why I had to pick up such a complicated and dark set as a lot of props are out of focus and very dark on the background. However, I am lucky as bits of the film were actually filmed in Britain so I knew that there is a possibility for me to find the exact props.

2016-04-26 (44) 2016-04-26 (52) 2016-04-26 (59) 2016-04-26 (76) 2016-04-26 (86)

I started with Farleys by actually going there and I think that was a very good decision of mine – I found some things that actually are on screen! And, even better – I found some of the very small dressing props that I could hardly undentify as something specific, but seing things in reality does help a lot.

IMG_20160606_115048 IMG_20160606_121251 IMG_20160606_122022 IMG_20160606_122048 IMG_20160606_123102 IMG_20160606_125107 IMG_20160606_132231 IMG_20160606_132335

I was especially happy about music instrument  on the wall – I couldn’t even find a name for this type as I they are so dark, they are impossible to recognise and they are all at Farleys! All 3!

Next I checked out A+M prop house – but I saw nothing there that I can use for my set.

And then it was Old times prop house – I saw some things straingt away as I did spend a previous night doing the prop list with pictures and there are some vases from there and a drinks trolley that I was worried about…

IMG_20160613_151754 IMG_20160613_152055 IMG_20160613_152154 IMG_20160613_152231 IMG_20160613_152523 IMG_20160613_152753 IMG_20160613_152407

The other way to look for props was actually the simplest one – looking at prop houses stock online… I found a prop house called Newman Hire and I was happy once again – ostrich eggs on stands (I have 3 in my set at lesast, I was already concidering hiring the simple egg and adding the details) – all there! Plus other bits for the set dressing as beautiful unique triangular clock!
36_27112237222 36_05133127512 36_05133129387 36_08160407790 36_09123628879 36_15084953767 36_21130434532 36_24153212431

23rd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Gudget – prep work, posters.

I quit working on this project just 2 days before the actual filming and got back a message saying “oh good, we were gonna fire you anyway” and it all started because of me ordering plastic martini glasses without showing them to the director. Weird, but the only thing I felt after I quit was happyness and freedom.

However, even the bad experience is an experience. I did hve an opportunity to work on graphics that I have never done before, and I found that I actually enjoy doing bottle lables….

IMG_20160510_002256 IMG_20160523_162535 IMG_20160523_162545

CLUB NIGHTSSukku Taste of summer VALENTINE PRO APP Aquarii AR GLASSES TECH Dance-pro app Hydra-tech rouge ferlot1 Nu-moon fm

Red dragon beer label Cider label Cider label back


23rd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

“Come visit”. Helping out on a short film for Goldsmiths MA graduation project.

IMG_20160517_085658 IMG_20160517_091730 

IMG_20160517_085745 IMG_20160517_090024

Come Visit was on e of the films I initially wanted to work on, however due to the scheduling and other projects clushing with it I couldn’t, however, in the end I actually got the chance to work on this period story as an art department assistand, and, by the end of the filming, standby props as well.

To start with, I sould mention that the place we were filming on was pretty wierd and awesome for the film set as it was all kind of kepr in 70’s style, including colour scheme, furnishing, etc. And still it required quite a bit of dressing. I guess my favourite set was the one we were filming last – the prn set in the ‘wooden’ living room for which we had to move furniture around. As initially the room was almost empty we could play quite a bit with it. And with the lighting (Anna, the DOP, I worked with for YANA, was also a cinematographer on this one and I believe that she is so far the best lighting person I worked with…) and costumes (and wigs – so 70’s) everything just came to life!

IMG_20160517_135120 IMG_20160517_140903 IMG_20160518_103818 IMG_20160517_132554


IMG_20160518_131551 IMG_20160518_145611 IMG_20160518_145619 IMG_20160518_150945


IMG_20160518_151056 IMG_20160518_155628 IMG_20160518_155708 IMG_20160518_155746 IMG_20160518_155910


23rd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Progress on Art Direction project – Cloud atlas

So far I’ve been working on a technical part of the project – meaning construction and tech drawing – both digital and hand drawn. I still need to work on this as I am still strugling with the construction of the ceiling (need to do a bt of research on this), but I am hoping that I can finish drawings this week and start figuring out props.


2016-05-23 (11) 2016-05-23 (10) 2016-05-23 (9) 2016-05-23 (5)


6th May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Vyvyan Ayrs’ house Coud Atlas SketchUp 4 – Suggestions from Fleur

There’s been a couple of changes in my SktechUp since my last post. And by “couple” I mean a lot. To start with I’ve changed the number of sections in the cupboard in the room. That was the initial reason why I was remaking my 2nd SketchUp. Plus I was still not happy with the proportions and angles. Some just did not match…

Today we had a visiting lecturer – Fleur and at first she gave an interesting talk about art direction and what she does and then there was finally a question time when I asked for the ‘spiritual guidence for my model. To start with, she was very fasinated with my chosen space and it’s complexity. And then she said that I’ve already been thinking for a while myself: that it is very unlikely (I would say 99% no) that anyone whould ever build set that elaborate. Therefore, she suggested to simplify it by figuring out the straightest bits and combining them together.

So that is what I was working on the whole evening in comparisson to what it was yesterday. The layout definitelly looks more realistic now.

Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 3 floorplan floorplan no windows

I had to change quite a lot. I was struggling a lot with the curved cupboard because it just felt too small in proportion. Because of that I extended the window wall. I’ve also changed the mesurements of the other windows – the round ones. I realised that they look to small and when I made them bigger, I also noticed that I can create a nice parallel between the curved windows and the fireplace because the length in now the same.

I also go into interesting conversation with Rufus today while I was waiting in the queue for tech. drawing support. We were discussing the sets and Rufus mentioned different types of colums and the importance of the proportions. It turned out that the hight of the stand and the columns themselves I figured out just right and yet, the diameter had to be changed. I did think at some point that I was making them a bit too narrow… So, my column type is probably Doric – simplest one. I though it was an interesting topic to do the proper research on next time…

Going back to my 4th SketchUp – here is what it looks like now:

perspective wall 1


3rd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Vyvyan Ayrs’ house – Cloud Atlas. 2nd SketchUp model. Mistakes

The plan for today was to start putting furniture in places. However, when I tried to create a fireplace it turned out that my proportions are wrong and I have to remake the whole thing. Well, I did know that there were bits that were not right but I hoped for the best. Didn’t happen.

So instead today I was remaking my SketchUp just to undersand in the end of the day that it is also wrong because of the round capboard  that has 7 sections. Only 5 ever show up on camera, I swear. This is why the opposite wall – window wall was always to big in the end and I recalculated the proportions both times. However, in general I am much closer to what the room actually is then I was yesterday. I think everything will be sorted by the end of this week. Every time I am making a SketchUp it gets quicker anyway.

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas SketchUp 2 New florplan Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2

I’ve also added the extention coridor bits that show up twice in the film.

Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes 1 Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes 2 Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes 3 Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes 4 Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes 5 Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 scenes

So, I found this image from the “Behind the scenes” video that I watched last week and totally forgot about using it as a reference so it is totally my fault.

2016-04-27 (1) 2016-04-27 (7)

So here what I would have to change tomorrow. The plan is to get half of the model from today’s work and remake the faulty part of it… Hope it works…

Vyvyan Ayrs' House SketchUp 2 mistakes

2nd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Gudget – Goldsmiths collaboration

I’ve been working on one other Goldsmiths film as a production designer. However, to be honest, there is not that much to do there. I would have to do a couple of graphic designs pieces for the film, I wonder how it will go. Also a couple of props need to be found an that is pretty much it…

Gudget locked script breakdown!-page-001

There have been some significant changes in the storyline itsleft. It totally more doable now because of less locations and still, in the locked script there is less for me to do.

So for now what I’ve done is a script breackdown and I also visited one of the locations for the film – the director’s halls common room where the main character, Neem’s flat will be. I love the view from the window, however, I don’t think that much of dressing will actually be needed in this place. I guess the 3d CGI bits would totally transform the movie creating much more of the effect we are going for.


IMG_20160420_183539 IMG_20160420_183618 IMG_20160420_183851 IMG_20160420_184614

It would totally be an interesting experience filming something that requires that much of CGI and postproduction.


2nd May 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Vyvyan Ayrs’ house. SketchUp in progress

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas SketchUp 1

Yesterday I’ve been working on a 3d upgrade on my SketchUp. What it is for mostly is to check the camera angles – if it actually works as in the film.

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas 1 2016-04-27 (4)

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas 3 2016-04-26 (35)

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas 4 2016-04-26 (15)

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas 5 2016-04-26 (3)

I feel like there is a bit of a mistake I made in the structure with angles. I think that I’ll try to put the furniture in today and if it looks to wrong I would have to start over…

30th April 2016
by Evgenia Kalyabina

Art Direction Project – Cloud Atlas Vyvyan Ayrs’ House 1936

We’ve just started working on an Art direction project this week and I couldn;t decide for a while what I what design I was going to chose for it. The idea came pretty much 2 min before the first tutorial with Kerry 0 Cloud Atlas (2012) – one of my favourite films ever. There is quite a complicated storylyine in this film as it consist of 6 unconnected stories of different ganres happening in different tymes with different people. Although my favourite story is a 22nd century science fiction one, the best set as I think of it, in this film was created for a period drama – story of a composer, Robert Frobisher happening in 1936 Britain.

2016-04-26 (39) 2016-04-26 (35)

The set I have chosen is the living room of Robert’s musical mentor Vyvyan Ayrs’ house. Quite a few scenes are happening in this room, however, when I chose that set I did not realise how complicted the structure would be. I spent about 3 days just trying to figure out the initial layout – none of the walls is completely straight – there are dark wooden panels creating complicated angles that are hard to understand also because none of the camera angles used are straight. I also suspect that for some of the shots the furniture was moved around to create semi-right perspective and this makes my life even harder.

2016-04-26 (28) 2016-04-26 (27) 2016-04-26 (15) 2016-04-26 (2) 2016-04-26 (3) 2016-04-26 (13)

Of course, I’ve started with rewatching the film and specifically the scenes happening in my chosen space. Because of the complicated structure I suspect that it might have been a location shoot. There also an exterior for the place shown in the film – the actual location would be the Overtown House near Dumbarton (Scotland). I tried to find some images of the interior of the house and realised that I was no lucky with the space as it looks completely different from what is in the film and the designers did not take much inspiration from the real house architecture, meaning everything but the window and a bit of the corner is very different.


2016-04-27 (4) 2016-04-27 (12)

Well, here is where I am so far:

Vyvyan Ayrs' house Cloud Atlas

There are some udgustments to the floor plan to be made as there are quite a few columns within the space and still cannot understand how they are placed (especially their basements). There is also a bit of the cealing that I should try to figure out as it was cought up in a shot once.

I think I will be working on my SketchUp model this week, keep figuring sized and I sould try to put some furniture in. I also looked up the actors in this scene and their hights as well so I guess that might help for the measurements. I also looked up the measurements for onr of the biggest features in the room – the grand piano and it turned out that it varies quite a lot.


I’ve also decided to work in inces this time as I think I am still not quite handy with those so I would practice more during this project.

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